Generally, the fuel filter can be metal or plastic with filter elements. First, the fuel from the gas tank enters the fuel filter and then becomes clean in preparation for use in modern internal combustion engines.

With the development of internal combustion engines, the design of fuel filters is also different. Early filters were small plastic tanks because they did not require high-strength devices when fuel passed through the filter at low pressure. Nowadays, thanks to the introduction of direct injection engines, the design of the fuel filter is stronger and can withstand the high pressure levels in the fuel system. The industry uses better materials to make housings and stronger filter media. The entire filter can be prevented from excessively high pressure through a special safety valve.

The fuel filter is a system installed in a certain position in the fuel line or sometimes in the fuel tank. Its function is to let fuel pass through its pleated permeable material, but prevent dust particles from entering. Also some one may use these to be fuel filter suppressors If you are interested, you can check relevant information. Now understand why it is important to replace the fuel filter. Because the filter material becomes dirty and permeability decreases over a period of time, which limits the flow of fuel through the engine, you may encounter the following problems.

1. Insufficient engine power: Dirty fuel filter will cause insufficient engine power in all gears, which may be caused by lack of fuel entering the engine. It forces the engine to enter li line mode.

2. Stall problem: If the filter blocks the car, the extra fuel needed for acceleration may not be available. If the filter becomes clogged with debris, it will usually cause the filter to restrict the flow of fuel through it, resulting in incorrect acceleration. The fuel pressure test must be carried out to finally determine the fault. Sensor failure or fuel leakage can also cause the same situation.

3. Engine flameout or spark: This happens when the filter is completely blocked. Today, modern cars consume very little fuel when idling. However, due to ignition coil failure, spark plug damage, engine failure (for example, camshaft sensor, mass air flow sensor or even sensor failure) caused the engine to misfire.

In addition, you may encounter problems such as engine hesitation, car not starting or difficult to start, sputtering, etc. If your vehicle has any of the above problems, it is most likely that there is a problem with your car’s fuel filter. Before deciding to replace the fuel filter, you should correctly verify all the above symptoms in the vehicle. If the cause is found correctly, the fuel filter can only be replaced for the vehicle.

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